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The era of great American industrialization has never ended at Nordt Precision Metal. For half a century, expert and economical American manufacturing has allowed Nordt to set the industry standard in precision metal products. At our company, we continuously integrate new technologies into our high-speed systems, enabling rapid production of the highest quality. Since 1960 when Bill Nordt established this company on the principles of hard work and uncompromising ethics, the Nordt family has taken great pride in the quality of work that it produces. Many exceptional employees have dedicated their careers to the success of this business.


We are a nationally recognized industry leader in precision sheet metal manufacturing.With state-of-the art automation systems, we can outperform and underprice most any overseas production facility.


Precision Workmanship
Practical Pricing
Rapid Production and Delivery


We have been national and international suppliers of precision metal products and services for 50 years. We manufacture large and small quantities of precision sheet metal parts for the aerospace, biomedical, defense electronics, data communications and environmental industries. Our ability to remain a thriving manufacturing center through 50 years of various economic currents is testament to our quality, service and customer satisfaction. The most demanding customers are our happiest clients.